Artist’s Statement 2020

Photography has been a central part of my life since I was 11, when pioneering Magnum photographer Eve Arnold put an old manual Russian Kiev camera in my hand and said, "Go shoot. Experiment!"

I’ve been following her advice ever since.

For me, photography is not about recording, it is about seeing: seeing through the prism of emotion, and then conveying that emotion in print and pixel.

I began exhibiting in 2009.

Since then, I have exhibited series of photographs on abstract shapes, portraits and places, and embarked on a cross-media performance collaboration with singer Eleonora Velka-Sai for festivals and cities.

In the time of Covid, I created "VinoGlyphs 2020", a series of artworks to convey the fundamental message of life: as living beings we are part of a cycle; as inevitably as life ends in death, death makes way for rebirth, for a new cycle of life.


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