Artist’s Statement Mark I (2009)

My instinct is to offer no artist’s statement: my preference is to avoid pressing words into service on cerebral terrain that is not their own. Words can take undue precedence over the visual; they can twist and blunt the impact of images; the impact, the emotional connection, the very thing that prompts a person to look, see, watch, view, make and appreciate photographs in the first place.

Artist’s Statement Mark II (2013)

My photographs are a residue of something that has caught my eye. A thing of beauty, a detail easily overlooked, transience marking the passage of time, a basal connection with another being.

For the more metaphorical-minded, my photographs are the micro-dust that a dolphin leaves behind when suddenly it streaks off into murky distance. For the dolphin, the dust remains in situ so the creature may cheat the laws of acquadynamics; for me, a photograph is an attempt at something similar, but with the second law of thermodynamics.

The great majority of the images presented on this site are from a meta-series of images taken over a four-year exploration of the elements, the seasons and the passage of time.

You will also find some portrait work that has won a modicum of recognition.


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